Thursday, April 7, 2016

                                                               I brought steam

   Steam is based on Valve company. Its for playing games but not just ordinary games. Its contribute with steam community which if you would like to introduce something you like in games or something that y think should improve. Not even all about types of sharing. There's a profile called "steam profile". Calculate your experience of knowing games.

 How it works? In steam profile. You have to level up your steam profile such as you have to do as the objective its say. Once you followed the objective. They give you a badge and gain you for 100xp to level up. If you keep working on. you can start find any friends from all over the world. you can do with your friends for artwork, videos, guides or the moments you've been play in games is good so take a screenshot. Its for showing other people that would comment your created things. Makes them appreciate your work even add you. You can sell any items that you brought in the games to steam community market which earns you some moneys (steam moneys) or you can trade items for other people.

 I'm sharing this to you this steam will buy any classic games is different than the other normal games. A community will support other games together like a family and its safe to prevent virus. I also brought steam because its fun to meet other country friends in steam. We can well co-operate to do one project that we like and chat what we could do together to play games.

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